About — Boutique

Atticus by name, Atticus by nature.


The philosophy behind Atticus is to use the power of clothing to create and support a powerful you. This striking contemporary clothing brand has grown to become a destination of self expression, encouraging style beyond the boundaries and confinements of mainstream fashion. Trend doesn't drive what we deliver, instinct does, if we find it and feel it we offer it! The eclectically tailored collections encourage women to express themselves and stride out in confidence, knowing no limits and owning your style for no one else but yourself.

Since 2016 Atticus has been sourcing worldwide, unique quality garments to create your capsule wardrobe. Our playful Californian cool vibes, offer understated elegance and effortless chic to promote individuality. It's fresh, fun, exciting and entirely yours.

Inspired by Atticus Finch, the balanced lawyer from the Harper Lee novel 'To kill a Mockingbird' we proudly use his name as a nod to his self respect and the relationship he has with his daughter Scout. He feeds her with support, guidance and the options to create her own sense of self and we strive to deliver a brand that encourages this independence because to us this is the Atticus way.


Who's that girl?

We recognise each woman as their own ‘Atticus Girl’.


An Atticus girl is you, me, we, us, a collective of strong self respecting women who find creativity and self expression through fashion. She smiles at strangers on the street, holding an air of elegance with just a touch of badass as she kicks up the dust on a path only she dictates, a vibrancy for life. Adventure excites her, creativity inspires her and style lights her up.


About — Sophie

Sophie Mancini the girl behind the brand.
Sophie studied fashion design and technology at Herriot Watt university in Scotland but it was her time working in a boutique and studying as part of a scholarship in Savannah, Georgia that inspired her to launch Atticus. Her motivation is to create a destination, a space of creativity and freedom for women to explore and discover their individuality and style. Channeling her energy she sources unique, expressive and versatile garments for the Atticus collection with the knowledge that she is delivering quality, style and service. It's not all work and no play and on her down time Sophie can be found having evenings out with friends, at her local gym and walking on the beach with her trusty Border Collie puppy Luna. True to herself and the brand Sophie is a genuine Atticus girl.